Thursday, July 2, 2009

a healing trip

Since my last post I went on a healing trip.
I needed to flee and travel somewhere different.
I finally talked with my grandparents.
I had not talked to them for 6 months.
The minute I saw them I busted out crying.
I needed to tell them in person what happened to me this year.
Talking over the phone would not have worked, I think I needed them to see the pain on my face.

I enjoyed my time with my MawMaw.
She is a magical little creature.
It is from her that I learned about spirituality.

I needed to feel the Louisiana air.
It is so hot and sticky.
You sweat and it stays all around you, almost suffocating.
I needed to see the people there.
See their dark hair, dark eyes, and peculiar physical features.
I needed to hear the distinct sound of Cajun language that I grew up listening to.
I needed to listen to Cajun music and eat horribly fattening food.
I needed to feel and experience roots.

I needed to appreciate my life.
I needed quiet solitude to talk to God.
It is almost over.
It is about to take flight.
I finally have acquired enough fruit to climb the hill.
Love is coming.
Peace is coming.
It is on the brink.

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