Tuesday, June 9, 2009

hell yeah!!!!

ok. so the last couple of days have been rough. kinda like holding vigil for my future. i have been a hermit. hanging in my house and journaling. i haven't really talked with anyone. just me and Mabel. been doing a lot of praying and a lot of thinking.

my cousin put my ring on ebay. and it sold today!!! hell yeah. i am thanking God for this. this is the next thing that will set some things in motion. i really needed to get this piece of old baggage out of my life. once it is in someone else's possession i believe that my life will start rolling on, in full steam.

i am very superstitious and i believe that material things, especially those with such importance as a wedding ring, carry magic within them. this ring has negative emotions and tragic decisions associated with it. that will change when some other woman puts in on her finger with the hope and promise of a new love.

i predict an interview or two. and then a job offer within a few weeks. keep on flying, kyla-michelle.

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